About this site

I started this site to capture the accuracy of my watch collection. The first thing this site showed was the table of observations for each watch. This was an outgrowth of an excel spreadsheet I maintained.

It's grown beyond that. I added the graph using the open source flot() javascript graphing package. I added picture gallery as part of each watch page.

The last function I added was a collection list and a du jour page that shows the watch I wore the longest ago. I use it to keep the watches from getting jealous. Every morning I refer to this site, and see what I should wear. If any watch complains about being ignored (*cough* Longines ref 1088 *cough*) I just say: "take it up with the web site." Since very few watches have internet access, this nearly always quiets them down.

I created this site using the vork php framework and the UrbanArtist template from styleshout.

My name is Steve Goodwin, and I live in the SF Bay Area.

I’m a software engineer and I’m learning to be a watchmaker. I started with the timezone.com online watch school. I highly recommend it. I’ve learned a lot form the course, and I’ve started buying non running watches from eBay and fixing them. Most simply need to be cleaned and serviced.

If you want to contact me, mail me at: Click Here